There are very few foods that are considered to be heavenly, and enjoyed by every human. One of them is Chocolate! You may want to grab a bar or make a nice cup of hot cocoa before you continue reading this post! As for chocoholics (like me), just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response. It is the most delicious food, but many people avoid it as they are afraid that it can damage their health. Well, there is a good news for you! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is a very healthy product of nature, its an anti-oxidant! Which means we can prevent cancer while munching on this pleasurably delicious food!

Below are the 10 benefits ive found:

  1. High in Antioxidants
  2. Lower Blood Pressure
  3. Lowere (LDL) cholestrol
  4. Natural Anti-Depressant
  5. Cancer Fighter
  6. Prevents tooth decay
  7. Longer life and less dieases
  8. Cardiovascular benefits
  9. Controls insulin sensitivity
  10. Healthy Brain

Well there are more benefits than just the listed ones above! So, enjoy that heavenlicious food without anything to worry about! Hey Hey! now i ddnt said that you can eat a whole bar of  chocolate in just one day! try to limit 100g – 200g a week and go for dark chocolates!


Researching in progress! Stay tuned!


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