Travelling with kids, stress about it? You don’t need to! Kids are the best traveller and explorers and I don’t think you will get stress with the best explorers of the world! I know things can be a bit difficult while travelling with kids but with some planning your trip can be safe, fun and memorable experience for the kids and yourself!

Here are the few tips:

  1. Choose a place where both parents and kids can have fun.
  2. Pack all the necessary items; medicine, caps, water bottles, sunblock, camera, batteries etc.
  3. Bring along your kids boredom survival kit: drawing and/or story books, Gameboys, stuff toys etc.
  4. Bring along YOUR boredom survival kit!
  5. If your kid is big enough let him/her pack on their own! Yes Im serious let them do it while supervising them.
  6. Set some rules with your family before you even leave your house. But don’t be harsh!
  7. Take advantage of their sleeping patterns. Go early or late night, so they will get to sleep for (at least) for few hours.
  8. Make sure you finish packing at least one day before the day of your trip.
  9. Map out your plan and let your little ones know about it.
  10. If you are bringing your pet along prepare a bag for them aswell, food etc.
  11. Make sure you have your travel insurance ready.

Don’t just make your trip all about your kids otherwise you will get bored, have some plans for your own self! But Im very sure that you will not get bored with kids around you! Surprisingly, you will have more fun-filled experience!

So don’t postpone that trip, waiting for the children to grow up. Always remember that nothing is more educational for ALL ages than traveling!


Researching in progress! Stay tuned!


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