Do you know how to walk? You’ve been doing it all your life but are you doing it right?

Walk this way

  • Relax shoulders and keep them back and down
  • Stand tall with a slightly lifted chest and a straight back
  • Opt for a rucksack that distributes weight evenly across shoulders
  • Bend arms 90 degrees at the elbow and swing in time with the opposite leg. This balances the body
  • Point chin down and pull in slightly to place neck in a neutral position. This supports the head and prevents neck pain
  • Check hips are level; knees pointing forwards. keep pelvis tucked under torso
  • Check steps are of equal length
  • Don’t tilt your head to one side, hold it straight
  • Don’t slump your shoulders
  • Don’t strike the ground with your toe first. use your heel
    first, then feel the pressure roll towards balls of your feet, then push off
    your toes

Source: Richard Handford, Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Walking: The easiest yet most effective exercise! It has many benefits, such it will prevent type 2 diabetes colon and breast cancer, Make your heart stronger, its good for your brain and it will help you to lose weight! Yes! Walking with a good diet can help you burn a lot more calories! An average human have to take 10,000 steps a day to stay fit and healthy! sound alot? think again! It is not a very difficult task, 1 hour on a treadmill can easily give you more than 1,000 steps!

Well walking have a lot of benefits, but if ill go on and explain each and everyone you will not have a time to finish your 10,000 step a day goal! so go and wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes, grab a water bottle and your pedometer and start WALKING!


Reasearching in progress! Stay tuned!


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