As long as you are human being you write! Many people do private writing and some do publicly – from a protest letter to report writing in office and in schools. Some scribble a few paragraph secretly (like me) at your study table when everyone is asleep or nowadays many of us will just blog but our intention is that our writing will become the reading matter, obviously an enjoyable one! We all have that little wish to become famous.

Writing is a very old form of communication for conveying ideas and feelings from one person to another! Well im not saying that writing is all about journalism or some romantic novel writing, we need to learn this art or skill for taking notes during lectures or meetings or just jotting down a funny incident in your secret diary!

Well you must be thinking that, of course everyone knows how to write unless you were born yesterday! Well think again! Don’t like to think? its alright just keep on reading this post then! Below are the some tips you can follow:

  • Learn the ABCs! yes! learn it! A = accuracy, appropriateness,attentiveness. B = Brightness. C = Clarity, consistency etc
  • Remember your readers, even if its your own self!
  • Be attentive and logical
  • Your purpose
  • The choice of words
  • Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation
  • Tone

ImageLook at this picture as well!

The list goes on! if you’ve paid attention in English lessons then you would have already known all this by heart now! Well i cant emphasize enough on the importance of good writing! We have to write no matter how hard we try not to; resumes, letters etc!

OK! i believe that everything in this world have a partner, and the partner of good writing is good reading matter! It can be anything from biographies to novels to fashion magazines to dictionaries or even blogs! Try to look for errors and edit them! (Tip!)

So go get a book, a notepad and a pen and start practicing now!

Source: Reader’s Digest Book: How to write and speak better
Photos: Google


Researching in progress! Stay tuned!


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