I am very sure that all of us who loves to bake also love to use whipping cream for topping or frosting but what about those who are newbies and you  really dont have an idea how to properly whipped a cream! To be honest, when i first did it i just turned my whipped cream into BUTTER! Yes Butter!

Well if you whipped the cream too much it will just turn into butter and will look something like this:


Aww! you must be thinking that you just wasted your cream and imagine that was the last box you had! Well dont throw it away and look at the brighter side, you just made a butter on your own! Cool huh? Well now you must be thinking that how long should i beat the cream to get the perfect topping! Well you just have to continue to read this post!

Many of the recipes will ask you to beat the cream untill its just “stiff peak” and how do you do that?

Stiff peak is form when you beat for a VERY long time. It’ll start to get thicker, but you aren’t done yet.  You whip until pointy peaks form in the bowl, and STAY STILL, when you lift the mixer out of the bowl.

Below are just some suggestions which will be helpful:

  1. Make sure the cream and the bowl are cold!
  2. Take a small amount to Test and to get to know your cream better!
  3. Follow the directions carefully if stated on the whipped cream box
  4. TEST! Check for stiff peaks every few minutes!
  5. Whisk the cream on low speed first to be safe and then gradully increasing its speed!
  6. Serve it right away! Or refrigerate for NO more than 24 hours!

Hope that the information given above is helpful! So go and start whipping!

Source: Experience!

Photos: Google


Researching in progress! Stay tuned!


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