A Long Way Down!



Two weeks before buying this book i actually went to the book store (Times) and browse the store from top to the end, both fictional and Non-fictional areas.

Obviously i browsed through many books, but i was actually disappointed that writers of fiction books for teenagers only write about love stories and what was more irritating that those love stories are about vampires, wolves etc!

Im not really a fan of love stories, and vampires love life doesn’t entertain me either!

So i actually saw this book and read the “Plot Summary” and it was about four people wanting suicide and to me it sounded depressing and boring… So i put back that book to the shelf….

However, after two weeks when i went to the book store, (its my favorite place to hang out) i don’t know why but i picked up ” A Long Way Down” and just browse through it, to my surprise it was entertaining and when i saw the comment made by Johnny Depp ” Masterfull… Some of the finest writing, and some of the most outstanding characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading’ that was the point when i decided to buy this book!
There were other reviews made by newspapers such as Sunday Times, Irish Times etc.

I love people like Johnny Depp, not just because of their looks and personality 😍 but they know their work very well and they always give more than 100% #Respect

The book is super funny and brilliantly written, i used to read it in Trains while going and coming back from School and every day i just couldn’t wait to sit in the train and enjoy my ride due to Nick Hornby’s A long Way Down! This book has four characters, which are of different age and background which i believe will able to connect with almost everyone. I used to giggle to myself while reading, making other commuters think that I’m crazy or high! And there were times i had tears in my eyes! It has both highs and lows!

Ouh and its now a major motion picture (or at least the book cover say so) but definitely i would recommend it to everyone and esp. to those who just need to have a good and light reading time!

Till next time…

Researching in progress. Stay tuned!


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