The Struggle of Learning!



Was stalking on Instagram and then i came across this post! It gave me few emotions at one time! I was smiling, surprised, sad, proud… (Yeah! That much of emotions!)

I’m proud of these girls and their parents! We do take things for granted A LOT! Time to be grateful…

Sadly, the real danger comes to women is from another woman! We must teach our girls and boys to respect each other and to fight and struggle for their rights!

We all know that, if a country wants to grow, they must let and provide a healthy environment for their women to grow FIRST! And that’s what Islam teaches us as well! Some Muslims have gotten a wrong idea about it. The status of women is highest in Islam!

Well, Pictures do speak a thousand words! (But i cant type all those words out here!) and that’s why i love Instagram (@lifeofamna)

This photo was not taken by me neither do i have any rights or whatsoever over this picture!

Don’t Kill your Baby Girls And Teach your Sons to Respect them! ( and also teach them to control their hormones)

Till next time…

Source: Instagram

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Rest, Recover and Reward!



Rest, Recover and Reward

Rest is just as important to your workout regime as exercise — it rejuvenates the body and mind, regulates mood, builds strength, and reduces fatigue. While it may be tempting to push your body to build more muscle and lose more weight, inevitably, without recovery, your body will fail.

Most injuries come from overuse so challenge yourself to a day of rest when you can catch up on sleep, practice light stretching, and restore your body.

Less is more on recovery days — fortify your mind with a simple meditation exercise. Close your eyes and breathe naturally as you think of the number 1 on each inhale. Continue this for at least 5 minutes, if your mind begins to wander, pull it back to “one.”

Just because you’re in recovery mode doesn’t mean you can’t stay active; try engaging in light stretching or a low-impact walk to fend off sluggishness and stiff muscles. Be sure to keep the volume and intensity very light (below 60% max heart rate!)

You don’t have any exercise scheduled for today, but if you don’t want to make today your “you” day, choose another day this week and clear your schedule as much as possible. Make time today or late this week for one exercise to strengthen your mind and one to restore your body.

Proper rest and proper nutrition is the key for quick recovery.  Make sure you’re getting proper nutrition BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your training/racing..and make sure you’re getting adequate rest.  If you’re unsure as to HOW MUCH rest you REALLY is better to error on the “more rest is best” side.

Runner’s World
My Sports Science text book!


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Do you know how to walk? You’ve been doing it all your life but are you doing it right?

Walk this way

  • Relax shoulders and keep them back and down
  • Stand tall with a slightly lifted chest and a straight back
  • Opt for a rucksack that distributes weight evenly across shoulders
  • Bend arms 90 degrees at the elbow and swing in time with the opposite leg. This balances the body
  • Point chin down and pull in slightly to place neck in a neutral position. This supports the head and prevents neck pain
  • Check hips are level; knees pointing forwards. keep pelvis tucked under torso
  • Check steps are of equal length
  • Don’t tilt your head to one side, hold it straight
  • Don’t slump your shoulders
  • Don’t strike the ground with your toe first. use your heel
    first, then feel the pressure roll towards balls of your feet, then push off
    your toes

Source: Richard Handford, Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Walking: The easiest yet most effective exercise! It has many benefits, such it will prevent type 2 diabetes colon and breast cancer, Make your heart stronger, its good for your brain and it will help you to lose weight! Yes! Walking with a good diet can help you burn a lot more calories! An average human have to take 10,000 steps a day to stay fit and healthy! sound alot? think again! It is not a very difficult task, 1 hour on a treadmill can easily give you more than 1,000 steps!

Well walking have a lot of benefits, but if ill go on and explain each and everyone you will not have a time to finish your 10,000 step a day goal! so go and wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes, grab a water bottle and your pedometer and start WALKING!


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