Time Management!



Many deadlines to meet but can’t manage your time! Not productive enough and/or cant finish your tasks on time? Ive been through this as well and now let me help you!

Firstly, what is time management? Its the  act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Too much to absorb? basically its just a skill which helps you accomplish your tasks/goals on time so as to increase productivity!

We are living in a multi-tasking society, we have to study, work, play, have some family time or maybe just read or write blogs! We must learn to manage our time to reduce stress. Below are some tips which you can rely on…

  1. Get your priorities right!
  2. Admit that you aint a super hero and cant accomplish all task at once, pay full attention to 1 goal at a time! if you are studying just study and if you are reading this post just focus on this!
  3. Break your goals into smaller units of work.
  4. Make it easy to get started or you can also choose to finish the harder one first. ( whichever way suits you!)
  5. Make a to-do list every day! ( it doesn’t have to be the most stylish one out there, you can jot down on small piece of paper, so you know exactly what you are gonna face today)
  6. Its ok be to slow! Remember we are humans and not machines or super heroes! Give your self some time!
  7. Think ahead, look ahead… spot troubles ahead. If you have an appointment coming up write it down so you can plan accordingly!
  8. Be honest to yourself and your loved ones, if you think you need a break and you wont be able handle any outings tell them! they love you and they will understand you! ( But please don’t do this every other day and kindly avoid last minute cancellation)
  9. Finish what’s important and stop doing what’s no longer worthwhile.
  10. Last but most important! Maintain a lifestyle that will give you maximum energy. Do exercise at least three times a week, eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep.

Im not saying these are just the things you need to work on but they are the few important ones! So think about what are the obstacles you need to deal with. Whatever you do, do with determination and a believe that its ok to slow down or make mistakes!

Well that’s all for now! Keep reading and feel free to comment below!

Source: My brain and google

Picture: Google


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